LoveDay Reminders

Are you sick of remembering what days you need to arrange a special gift for

your significant other? Do you come home from a long day of work to find

your partner huffy and puffy because you forgot flowers for their special day? 

LoveDay Reminders Has Your Back!

You’ll Never Need an Excuse Again!

Fill out a one time form with all the special days for you and your honey, and we will never let you forget again! You decide when and how often we send you reminders so that you never forget the card, gift, flowers, etc.

What then? We email you – relentlessly if we have to, until you tell us to stop pestering you and that you went shopping. Need help shopping? Reach out to our LoveDay Custom Concierge to help you pick the perfect gift!


What Do We Do?

We get it, you’re busy!

Our service is for people like you – busy professionals that DO care, but need a reminder on your schedule! That’s why we are here! Stay out of the doghouse with custom reminders, just for you.

Custom Reminders

We can remind you a day, a week, a month, or 272.5 hours before a big event! It’s up to you to decide!

Snooze Reminders

Can’t take care of it right now? Snooze the reminder to recieve a follow up email at a later time.

Unlimited Reminders

We will remind you of any and every day that is important! You can even add events as the year goes on.

Relentless Badgering

….from us, so you don’t have to hear it from your significant other!

You’ll Look Good

You’re practically guaranteed to get partner of the year award.

Need a Call?

Premium members get phone call reminders too!



We are a husband and wife team who excel in the organization, customer service and making people happy. Loveday was created so that everyone could enjoy special days, stress-free!


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